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Reading to 3-5 year old

My first reading was with two different preschool classes, back in early August, at my kids school.

The 3 year olds loved the illustrations. They were really excited and enjoyed thinking about where the missing socks go and what they do in their free time. There were many, many giggles and silly expressions. I believe everyone held their nose and screamed about the smelly feet. We agreed that we all dream of riding unicorns through rainbows. I appreciated their unique perspective on the book.

The 5 year old class was very analytical. Through their giggling and comments, were deep questions about what "despair" meant, what was a dream, how do we dream, how did the socks get to their locations without a foot moving them, do the traveling socks still get washed, and more. Very entertaining and though provoking for sure, of course with tons of experience and expertise on socks.

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