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The ​Adventures of the Missing Sock  

Check out a glimpse of my latest published book. 

Readers have commented that this children's book is "creative, engaging, magical, and filled with excitement".

"The Adventures of the Missing Sock" book, came out of the idea that socks don't just go missing, they have simply chosen to leave. The "missing" socks are motivated to follow their dreams and go on new adventures. 


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"Have you ever wondered where your missing sock goes?

Well, it’s decided to follow big dreams and forget about your toes..."

"Now only one sock is left to do the job of two

Wondering how it can fill more than one shoe,

Excited about new adventures and dreams to pursue."

The socks follow their dreams to join a broadway play, be on the golf tour, fly high in the blue sky, and dance with pink flowers. 

- Excerpts from "The Adventures of the Missing Sock" book by Lizzie Lange

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