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This precious book answers these questions and more!

Lizzie Lange takes us all on a whimsical adventure, deep in the woods,

discovering how one can always hold love for another. 

Through a unique gift, The Love Box, a mama bunny shows Lil bunny

how love can be stored and shared, by using your voice and a little imagination. 

Lil bunny discovers that her Mama’s love is always there with creative flare,

as she opens her heart and mind, to find that love is everywhere just like air. 

How do you hold love in one place? 

How do you share love in a magical way?

How do you keep someone’s love with you when they’re far away?  

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the Press Kit for The Love Box 

The Love Box  book came out of an idea
for her children, when Lizzie Lange traveled out of town - that love is everywhere and always there, even when you can’t see it. 
The Love Box  holds their Mama’s love all the time and when the box is opened the love comes out, in the most magical way with singing and delight.


"Mama, what's in the the Box?"    

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